A bunch of berries in the Valley

Raspberry is your source for the latest in Fraser Valley life and culture.

Established in June 2016 by Red Press Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to growing and supporting local cultural expression, Raspberry publishes in-depth coverage of the everyday life and culture of Fraser Valley residents.

We know we aren’t the only ones who want to be more connected and fulfilled by our experiences close to home: to have a deeper understanding of where our food comes from and how it’s made, or catch a glimpse into the wild thought gardens of our artistic neighbours. We want to know who we’re living among, and celebrate the creative spirit of our community.

Where to find us

Right now, we publish Raspberry online. You can find past issues here or read individual articles on our website. You can also subscribe to get the latest issue sent to your inbox.

Print isn’t dead, it has just changed and we’re changing with it. When you take a minute over coffee or waiting for the dentist, we’ll be there in hard copy. This has been our goal since day one and we remain committed to bringing you the latest in local community culture in print and online.

We want to save your data and give you a screen break. Our print issue will be small enough to tuck in your bag, so you can pick up later where you left off. If you would like to read us in print, please consider making a donation to Red Press Society.

Who we are

Raspberry editors, writers, and designers collectively contribute hundreds of volunteer hours compiling each issue. We appreciate every person’s time and effort, and encourage you to read their bios at the end of each season’s publication.

Bios for our editorial team are coming soon!