Welcome to your new source for the latest in Fraser Valley art, culture, and community life. Raspberry magazine was established in June 2016 by a few artsy editors wanting to shine a spotlight on what’s happening in the Fraser Valley with a culture-focused gaze. We want to dig our fingers deep into the fertile ground right here in our home towns instead of driving all the way out to Vancouver for a good time.

What we publish

Raspberry publishes reviews, event coverage, interviews, and feature articles on what shapes the everyday life and cultural experience of Valley residents. We also publish original art and writing each month from local emerging and established artists and writers. We know we aren’t the only ones who want to be more connected and more fulfilled by our experiences close to home. We aren’t the only ones who want a deeper understanding of where our food comes from and how it’s made, or to get a glimpse into the wild thought gardens of our artistic neighbours. We want to know who we’re living among, and appreciate the creative spirit of our community—whether it lives in a painting or a garden or a song.

Where to find us

Currently, we publish our magazine online. You can find past issues here or read individual articles on our website. You can also subscribe to get the latest issue sent right to your inbox.

However, we do want to bring you a print magazine in the future, because we want you to be able to find culture when you stop at the coffee shop on the way to your shift, or when you’re dropping off your books at the library, or waiting to be called in by the dentist. We want to help you save your data and to give you a screen break. Our print issue will even be small enough to tuck into your purse so you can pick up later where you left off. If you would like to read us in print, please consider contributing to Red Press Society, the non-profit that runs Raspberry.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates on our progress, information and insights on the Fraser Valley arts and culture scene, and fresh arts coverage.

Who we are

Raspberry editors, writers, and designers collectively contribute hundreds of hours compiling each month’s issue. Because we’re still starting out and seeking financial support, we are all currently volunteers. We appreciate every person’s time and effort, and encourage you to read their bios at the end of each month’s publication. Here, we’d like to introduce you to our main editors.

Katie Stobbart

Editor and Founder

Katie Stobbart is a writer and editor from Abbotsford. She has edited The Cascade newspaper, Louden Singletree literary magazine, and the Pacific Rim Review of Books. She is the social media coordinator for the local chapter of the Professional Writers Association of Canada, takes breaks to play with acrylic paint, and is also working hard to improve her patio gardening game.

Katie assigns and edits articles, directs operations behind the scenes and on the scene, makes vital decisions, assists with design, and does anything else that needs doing.

Nick Ubels

Associate Editor and Founder

Nick Ubels is an editor, musician, and event planner living in Abbotsford with his wife and three cats. He loves black coffee and tennis but is terrible at both. His life story served as inspiration for the events of Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Nick edits articles, specializes in features and directs coverage of the local music scene, and assists with operations behind the scenes.

Jess Wind

Communications Manager

Jess Wind holds a BA in Creative Writing from UFV and an MA in Communication from Carleton University in Ottawa. Jess is an ex-editor of The Cascade, is published in The Louden Singletree and has been known to blog about entertainment media and culture. She likes her coffee black, her video games retro, and her sports local.
Jess manages our main email, social media accounts, and professional correspondences, directs internal and external communications, and handles aspects of marketing and promotions.

Sasha Moedt

Events Coordinator

Sasha Moedt is a UFV grad and a former arts editor at The Cascade. She currently works as a copywriter. When she’s not working, she’s writing creatively, and when she’s not writing, she’s out enjoying local culture, food, thrift shops, and all the cool things the Fraser Valley has to offer.

Sasha plans events including our seasonal launch parties, and presence at special events around the Valley, like Jam in Jubilee.

Dessa Bayrock

Advertising Representative

Dessa Bayrock is an ex-journalist with a soft spot for the Fraser Valley. She currently lives in Ottawa and studies the apocalypse as part of her M.A. in English. You can find her reviewing books online at Bayrock, Bookrock and for Ottawa Review of Books. If you rearrange the letters of her name you can spell “abyss croaked,” “as bark decoys,” or “brocade as sky,” all of which describe her in one way or another.

Dessa is our key correspondent on all things advertising. Talk to her about getting your message in our magazine.

Alex Rake

FRESH Fiction Curator

Alex Rake is a musician from Mission, where he has a great view of the mountains and eats poems for breakfast, which is said to be beneficial to one’s level of metaphor in the viscera. He recently masqueraded as Shakespeare dragging a corpse.

Alex did not write this bio, but gave us permission to make stuff up. We didn’t. Send him your words to be published in our monthly FRESH Fiction feature (not just for fiction).

Aymee Leake

FRESH Art Curator

Aymee Leake is an arts advocate and artist in the Fraser Valley. She was the Gallery Coordinator at the Abbotsford Arts Council among other roles for several years. Aymee is known for her dedication to the arts community and for guiding artists to find opportunities in their own city and beyond.

Aymee curates the monthly FRESH Art feature in Raspberry.