Exploring Downtown Mission through a camera lens

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Photography Mission A visual exploration of Mission’s historic downtown by Joe Johnson with files from Katie Stobbart and Shea Wind Starting this June, Mission will celebrate its 125th anniversary. Mission is, of course, more than just a few landmarks north of the river: a university campus, a terminus for the West Coast Express, an abbey. It’s […]

Left holding the bag: Age should not dictate our responsibility for change

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Youth is glorified as a time of great mobility, energy, and blissful ignorance. This has long been the case; our views of youth extend from the mythological (the fountain of youth, the philosopher’s stone) to the technological (alleged age-repelling products and Photoshop flattery). When we imagine the quintessential young person, some of us see her […]

People on the river are happy to give: Abbotsford bands join forces in fundraiser to replace stolen gear

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Call your dads! The songs of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Creedence Clearwater Revival will come back to life at the Abbotsford Rugby Club on March 24, starring Harma White, Blessed, and Loans. Blessed frontman Drew Riekman jokes that the bands seem ripped straight from “a kid in grade eight’s jean vest,” but that’s all […]

Raspberry Jam: A year in local music

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Year-end lists tend to be soulless exercises, lacking in personality. And yet we so easily award these arbitrary rankings incredible significance when debating their “correctness” in comments sections. This approach to music appreciation generally sucks the life out of it. So, rather than trying to provide a comprehensive list of the year’s best, we’ve asked […]

New Western Jaguar record coming on Mighty Speck Records in 2017

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  Since the early 2015 release of Wayfarer, Western Jaguar has undergone a metamorphosis, from ambient solo project to live rock band. The Mission-based project led by vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Jeffrey Trainor has its roots in Jeff’s parents’ basement, gradually growing into a dynamic live act featuring AJ Buckley on drums, (Casinos front man) […]