Exploring Downtown Mission through a camera lens

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Photography Mission A visual exploration of Mission’s historic downtown by Joe Johnson with files from Katie Stobbart and Shea Wind Starting this June, Mission will celebrate its 125th anniversary. Mission is, of course, more than just a few landmarks north of the river: a university campus, a terminus for the West Coast Express, an abbey. It’s […]

New restaurant to fill spaces in Abbotsford’s class gaps: Abby Eats Café will allow patrons to “pay what they can”

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It’s an old trope: a bumbling restaurant patron discovers they can’t afford their meal, and, after a big commotion, they work off their debt by washing dishes and serving customers. In the real, less comedic world where everyone needs food but not everyone has the means to get it, this sort of system would have […]

Night in the Woods’ exploration of small-town life is #tooreal

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It appears to be a simple two-dimensional platformer with linear gameplay, but the aesthetics merely shield a complex, deep, and at times painfully sorrowful narrative. Released in late February, Night in the Woods walks into uncomfortable yet familiar territory few games dare to tread. But you see, that’s just the thing about Night in the […]

The new brew: Hathi brings new flavour to local craft beer culture

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A new craft brewery in Abbotsford is emerging. Hathi Brewing (“elephant” in Hindi, pronounced hah-tee) currently has three varieties of beer, with more styles and flavours in the works. Founders Aman and Paul Sidhu are taking cultural cues from Abbotsford’s South Asian population to create an infusion of Indian tastes, craft beer, and community. Hathi […]

Raspberry Jam: A year in local music

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Year-end lists tend to be soulless exercises, lacking in personality. And yet we so easily award these arbitrary rankings incredible significance when debating their “correctness” in comments sections. This approach to music appreciation generally sucks the life out of it. So, rather than trying to provide a comprehensive list of the year’s best, we’ve asked […]