A selection of two poems by Dustin Hoffman

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Pretend Everything’s Pretend How am I supposed to succeed In a world so fake Obsessed with cheap antics Made to persuade Another worthless product Another dollar to be made Sold to fickle people As way to evade Away from their lives Away from their problems A shiny piece of plastic To maintain a bubble-wrapped life […]

Fresh Art: Carla Swope

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Carla Swope’s passion for creating unique jewellery is something she’s possessed since she was young. Inspired by our natural environment, she draws her design ideas from the mountains and valleys where she lives in Chilliwack, BC, and beyond. The jewellery she creates is constantly evolving: she loves to work with unusual colour and shape combinations, […]

FRESH Art: Tessa Lee Dumanski

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Tessa Lee Dumanski resides in Langley, B.C. and is a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate from the University of the Fraser Valley. Her hard work and creative explorations have landed her the CICan 2015 Regional Prize for B.C. from Colleges and Institutes Canada for her surface design fashion creation and the UFV Undergraduate Research Excellence […]

FRESH Art: Carolina Arai

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Carolina Arai is a graphic designer and photographer whose watercolour prints stood out at the recent Spring Artists’ Café hosted by Central Heights Church. Originally from Cuernavarca, in Mexico, Arai is widely travelled, having lived the longest in Canada and Japan, and visited, among other places, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia.