Getting to the Core of the Lower Mainland’s Growing Cider Industry

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When non-cider drinkers think of cider, they picture smuggling Growers into the basement at family dinners to indulge in the may-as-well-be-juice, entry-level alcohol. But cider has been growing in popularity as a bright, sweet, summer drink and alternative to beer. The first annual Fraser Valley Cider Fest turned skeptics into apple appreciators with its stellar […]

New restaurant to fill spaces in Abbotsford’s class gaps: Abby Eats Café will allow patrons to “pay what they can”

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It’s an old trope: a bumbling restaurant patron discovers they can’t afford their meal, and, after a big commotion, they work off their debt by washing dishes and serving customers. In the real, less comedic world where everyone needs food but not everyone has the means to get it, this sort of system would have […]

The new brew: Hathi brings new flavour to local craft beer culture

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A new craft brewery in Abbotsford is emerging. Hathi Brewing (“elephant” in Hindi, pronounced hah-tee) currently has three varieties of beer, with more styles and flavours in the works. Founders Aman and Paul Sidhu are taking cultural cues from Abbotsford’s South Asian population to create an infusion of Indian tastes, craft beer, and community. Hathi […]

The business of burning mouths: Inside the mind behind the hottest hot sauce in town

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Spice Train to Scoville If you’ve ever visited the Abbotsford farmers’ market, you’ve probably stumbled across an unassuming booth called Big Mac’s Gourmet Specialties. Behind the table you’ll meet a hot pepper farmer named Mac MacDonald who creates some seriously special sauces: spicy jams, jellies, and hot sauces that pack a punch you won’t soon […]