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Love what we do? Want to offer your support so we can keep doing it? You’ve come to the right place. When you support Raspberry you help us grow something bigger than a magazine: a community. You’re not just helping us toward our goals of printing a real-life magazine, you’re contributing to a cultural hub where writers, artists, creators can come together to develop and showcase their work.

Raspberry magazine is a publication by Red Press Society (RPS)  a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth of Fraser Valley arts and culture through online and print media, events, and related initiatives.

For the time being, Raspberry is the primary beneficiary of all donations to RPS, meaning your sponsorship contributes to our goals:

  • Print distribution in the community
  • Hosting events
  • Promotion of artists (visual art, theatre, creative writing, dance, music, etc.)
  • Honoraria for artists we showcase
  • Operational costs including paying our writers, editors, photographers, and other currently unpaid staff.

We require funding in these areas so we can provide a free, high-quality arts and culture publication to the communities of the Fraser Valley.

We believe arts, culture, and community life should be accessible to all citizens; thus, the real beneficiary of your generosity is your neighbour, your friend, a painter whose mural you admired in passing, the aspiring writer whose first story is published locally in print — and the list goes on.


When you donate to Raspberry, you are telling people you support this endeavour — you believe in our goals and you want to see us succeed. You think cultivating a cultural community in the Fraser Valley is a neat and necessary project.

We welcome your donation with open arms and take it very seriously. It will contribute to the goals listed above and we thank you profusely. Get in touch to discuss in-kind donations, or click below to support us monetarily. On behalf of Raspberry and the Fraser Valley cultural community: thank you!