Fresh Art: Jeff Rasmussen

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Jeffrey Rasmussen is a painter/sculptor and originally hails from Regina, Saskatchewan.  Currently, his work is focused on acrylic airbrush painting on canvas, informed by his effort as a sculptor. His work represents a three-year progression of layering and manipulation of texture through found, manmade objects.

In a world bursting at the seams with mass-produced things, what overall effect has this had on the individual; moreover, humanity as a whole? If the human body regenerates itself every seven years, we could come to a point when we are redeveloping as part plastic and/or metal — if of course this hasn’t happened already. This culmination of mass produced things coupled with the pressure of conformity is what led me to create this series called Edges.

The silhouettes or underlying textures are built of up of many metal and plastic things, creating the silhouette of the individual. This entity, or shadow made of things is interacting with the very edges of their existence fighting to exist outside of the box.







Black tri-dot