FRESH Art – Julie Epp

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Julie Epp is a Fraser Valley artist and graduated in 2015 from University of the Fraser Valley with her BFA. Her work uses the human body as a subject, interrogating issues surrounding the mental and physical state of the body and how it functions in the modern world.

Abstract interpretations of the human form are minimalistic in their appearance, but the abstraction allows for the viewer to project onto it what they see. In these sculptural works I am using the lines, curves, and shapes that appear in the human form, but the abstract nature of the works and the sweat-like sheen on the clay can cause both intrigue and disgust in the viewer. My illustrative works incorporate the same lines and curves that draw in the viewer to the point where they often have the piece only inches from their face to see the intricate details. In the future I hope to combine these two styles to create illustration in detail on the simplistic abstraction of the clay forms.