Fresh Art: Kenzie Dyck

Art, Fresh

Kenzie Dyck has lived in Chilliwack, BC for her entire life, enjoying the beautiful wild landscapes it has to offer. Her passion lies in creating fantasy worlds, designing whimsical lands and powerful characters. She is often inspired by the rugged terrain of B.C. When she is not drawing, Kenzie is either downhill mountain biking or snowboarding. She sees these activities as a great way to experience nature.

Kenzie is a member of the Chilliwack Community Arts Council. She has been drawing for as long as she can remember and loves learning new ways to create artwork. Kenzie puts enormous amounts of thought into her pieces, from creating the right texture to displaying the perfect emotion– her art is a way to get all her ideas and emotions out of her head. The most amazing thing about being an artist is that you never cease to grow.







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