FRESH Art: Rebekah Brackett

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Rebekah Brackett was born in Calgary, Alberta and belongs to the Piikani Nation. She was adopted by her loving parents, Margaret and Dennis. She moved with her family from Kelowna, British Columbia to Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. It was there that Rebekah fully developed her love for the arts. Her mother was very passionate for genealogy and would bring Rebekah to various museums and libraries. It was there that Rebekah would draw picture after picture which would become a lifelong habit. Rebekah and her family eventually moved from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, where she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of the Fraser Valley in 201,1 with a focus on painting and drawing, sculpture, and new media arts. Rebekah was fortunate to reconnect with her biological family in 2011 in Calgary, Alberta and grow and maintain a relationship with them.
Rebekah mainly works in pen and ink, pencil, and new media arts and her main influences are pop culture, music (Radiohead, Morrissey, and The Cure), the great outdoors and of course, her family. In 2016, Rebekah had her first solo show at the Rock Family Gallery entitled, ‘The Blue Blanket Period’ which focused on the work she completed during the first two years after the death of her beloved mother. Rebekah currently teaches art (painting and drawing) at Lifetime Learning Centre and at the Mission Arts Council and continues her practice from her home in Abbotsford.

Linus on Life
8″x10″ | Pen, Pencil Crayon, Pencil | 2014
A Beautiful Annoyance
8″ x 10″ | Pen, Pencil Crayon, Pencil | 2014
The Greatest Teacher
8″ x 14″ | Pen, Pencil Crayon, Pencil | 2014