Strong bonds make strong brews


As Darin Graham of Boardwalk Café once said, describing his business’ relationship with local board game stores: “A rising tide lifts all ships.”

For the last few years, the number of craft breweries in the Fraser Valley has been growing exponentially. We’ve become very familiar with names like Old Abby Ales, Dead Frog, Field House, Old Yale, and Ravens. New ones seem to appear monthly.

With big labels like Molson, Pabst, Kokanee, etcetera already on the scene, it would seem that there must be a rising level of competition in the hoppy parts of the Valley. However, that is not the case.

Instead, as we see in this issue with Hathi Brewing, our local brewers have come to form a strong bond with one another.

Craft brewing is an art. Just as in cooking, the brewer creates a flavour that fits their designs, mastering it before putting it into bottles and cans. Every brewing company produces different beers, and each one is a reflection of the designer.

With Field House, they want an authentic Dutch theme to their beer; with Hathi: a South Asian twist! It’s cultural expression in bubbly, liquid form.
The artist determines the vision. No two artists are the same and by looking past the idea of competition, our local community has allowed new and interesting voices to rise up.

As Hathi finds its start in the corner of Ravens, living symbiotically with their gracious hosts, they are able to create a whole new flavour that the Fraser Valley has not yet tasted. Putting aside their differences, nay, embracing them, has really helped the beer industry boom in the Valley, giving us a strong selection of amazing beers that whisk us away with glee from the standards of big industry labels.

If it is a rising tide that lifts these ships, it’s a carbonated one.

Image by: Wokandapix / pixabay