The Shed of Ted Avery by Keith McQuade

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A few minutes to nightfall at a weathered farm in northern British Columbia: Ted Avery, a long-bearded octogenarian, sits on his back porch and scans the treeline on the edge of his yard for wayward creatures that might have the audacity to approach before the sun goes down. This is a dance Ted and those […]

FRESH Art – Julie Epp

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Julie Epp is a Fraser Valley artist and graduated in 2015 from University of the Fraser Valley with her BFA. Her work uses the human body as a subject, interrogating issues surrounding the mental and physical state of the body and how it functions in the modern world.

FRESH Art: Rebekah Brackett

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Rebekah Brackett was born in Calgary, Alberta and belongs to the Piikani Nation. She was adopted by her loving parents, Margaret and Dennis. She moved with her family from Kelowna, British Columbia to Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. It was there that Rebekah fully developed her love for the arts. Her mother was very passionate for […]

The new brew: Hathi brings new flavour to local craft beer culture

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A new craft brewery in Abbotsford is emerging. Hathi Brewing (“elephant” in Hindi, pronounced hah-tee) currently has three varieties of beer, with more styles and flavours in the works. Founders Aman and Paul Sidhu are taking cultural cues from Abbotsford’s South Asian population to create an infusion of Indian tastes, craft beer, and community. Hathi […]

Opinion: A lack of plaques makes public artists anonymous

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Over the years, the Fraser Valley has blossomed into an area full of public art and culture. Statues have risen, murals added, and cultural difference welcomed with open arms. With growth comes new businesses, families, and artistic opportunities which should be given proper credit. Abbotsford in particular stands at the forefront of public artistic expressionism. Although […]

Kristin Witko takes us through the creation of debut Union

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A new pop-flavoured player has emerged from the folk, punk, prog-rock melting pot that is the Fraser Valley’s music scene. On February 17, Kristin Witko released her debut record, Union, through Simon Bridgefoot’s record label, Raccoon Moon Records. The record reflects sundry influences that Witko herself admits are wide-ranging. “I tend to create stuff that […]

People on the river are happy to give: Abbotsford bands join forces in fundraiser to replace stolen gear

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Call your dads! The songs of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Creedence Clearwater Revival will come back to life at the Abbotsford Rugby Club on March 24, starring Harma White, Blessed, and Loans. Blessed frontman Drew Riekman jokes that the bands seem ripped straight from “a kid in grade eight’s jean vest,” but that’s all […]