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Left holding the bag: Age should not dictate our responsibility for change

Youth is glorified as a time of great mobility, energy, and blissful ignorance. This has long been the case; our views of youth extend from the mythological (the fountain of youth, the philosopher’s stone) to the technological (alleged age-repelling products and Photoshop flattery). When we imagine the quintessential young person, some of us see her…

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A selection of 3 poems by Katie Stobbart

Weed-whacking Knee-deep in the yard full of weeds, I contemplate familial obligation; even months after those weeds are dormant, roots sleeping underground, the sound of whirring, the wet green fleck of stems furring my legs resists forgetting. Beheading the dandelions requires a firm grip holding the spin and slice at arm’s length. Those tiny plastic…

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FRESH Art: Carolina Arai

Carolina Arai is a graphic designer and photographer whose watercolour prints stood out at the recent Spring Artists’ Café hosted by Central Heights Church. Originally from Cuernavarca, in Mexico, Arai is widely travelled, having lived the longest in Canada and Japan, and visited, among other places, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia.

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