“I want to create discomfort in a viewer, to make them look a little harder,” said Christina Billingham, describing her preferred style of art, as well as the theme she had chosen for this month’s Art on Demand 3.2.

Fragmented Self features the talents of Andrew Booth, Paige Caldwell, and Amanda Vergara. Featureless and smothered faces and distorted bodies inhabit the array of artwork on display.

“It speaks for itself with its alienation of form, very rich texture, and slightly uncomfortable positions and poses: which really does interrupt your viewing experience, and makes you look a little harder,” said Billingham.

Both Caldwell and Vergara are UFV visual arts students.

This is Billingham’s first opportunity to curate her own public show, aside from showcasing her own work. “I have a little bit of gallery experience,” she said, “I was a docent at the gallery at UFV.

This opportunity came up and I jumped on it … It’s an exciting surprise.”

The show opened March 23, at The Reach Museum Gallery with a performance by Jeffrey Trainor and a Make and Take table.

Art on the Wing is a monthly column featuring emerging artists in the community. We partner with the Emerge at the Reach program to give a brief inside look at new art by young artists in each issue.