Art on the Wing: Emerge Spotlight on Amanda Vergara

Art, Off The Vine

Amanda Vegara was recently displayed in Art on Demand 3.2, curated by Christina Billingham. Currently, Vergara is completing her BFA from UFV.

What inspires you in your art?
Many of my personal experiences are what inspire my art: sharing my private life with the public. I enjoy watching or hearing the reactions that people get when viewing my art.

What is your preferred medium?
I don’t exactly have a preferred medium because I find that it all depends on how I feel. One thing I do find myself doing before anything is focusing on the installation of my art which seems pretty backwards but I think how I install it really affects how the piece can be read by people and I just can’t leave that until the end.

Do you have any big artistic plans on the horizon? Any new inspirations?
I’m graduating from the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at UFV so I have been really focusing on my final piece for the grad show on April 28. Other than that there’s not too much I’ll be working on but I hope to gather some inspiration over the summer and photograph more.