Change: a mini-documentary on the Sylvia Platters


By Kier Junos

Consider the last time you changed jobs and moved into a new place. Pretend that you grew out of a well-worn love.

You slowly wake in the bedroom. You vexedly reach for your share of the warm sheets, but recall it’s been solely you beneath them all night. Somehow you feel colder.

Humans will toss-and-turn with change as long as time nonchalantly drags us through the sand. But before the Earth forgets us, how can we cope with the stress of unfamiliar routines?

In this first of a series of mini-docs on simple, human questions, the Fraser Valley shoegaze and power-pop band The Sylvia Platters consider an unfamiliar approach during the recording of their second studio EP at Little Red Sounds in New Westminister, B.C.

Singer-guitarist Nick Ubels discusses the ways that he and the band deal with changes in music and in their lives.