Coconut Tree by Saint Soldier

Fiction, Fresh

Close your eyes
and put aside your pride
as you enter your center.

The mentor you need is indeed your center
so heed his intent and you’re never defeated.


you’re sent to repent
and you will —
the aim is restraining your brain
and being still
so take what you will from the words I recite.

They come from my center.

They’re meant to dispense
and I say them despite
if you like or resent them.

I pen them with ink
and I write with no thought
so don’t care what you think.

I don’t flinch and the third eye don’t blink.

It stays open.
I’m hopin’ you’re soakin’ this in
‘cause the game don’t begin
til the token is in.

You can press the start button but nothing will happen.
Connect with the Buddhas and Saints who be rappin’.
That happened to me in the past, man. I’ve seen it, devoted
my life to this truth — now I’m being it:

I live it.
I love it.
I give it
my all.

If I ever look back then I pivot

and fall.

So I never look back and I’m always going forward
and upward and onward and never go slower.

The more you think
the less you are present;
that’s why it’s a gift
and some might call it heaven.

At sixes and sevens with tricks of the reverends
and priests and the pastors
who take you for fools—
and you treat them like masters?


But your master is One
like the earth has the sun.

Your master is humble
so we should be too
like the nature of water.

(Bruce Lee said it.)
(And he’s cool.)
(And you’re awesome, too.)

Not to inflate your ego but dwindle it down.
Give me a hug when this Hindu’s in town.
The symbols are found on foreheads
of those who are kings
with no crowns.

We don’t hang with no crowds.
I rap when I’m happy and sing when I’m down
So nothing that happens is bringing me down.

Keep your arms and your heart open to me
and close both your eyes when you’re hopin’ to see.

All of this wisdom was spoken to me
as I wrote this rhyme under a coconut tree.



Black tri-dot

Image by: Lurson Nateepitak from Flickr