FRESH Art: Tessa Lee Dumanski

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Tessa Lee Dumanski resides in Langley, B.C. and is a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate from the University of the Fraser Valley. Her hard work and creative explorations have landed her the CICan 2015 Regional Prize for B.C. from Colleges and Institutes Canada for her surface design fashion creation and the UFV Undergraduate Research Excellence Award for her final graduate piece focused on feline welfare. Tessa also had the opportunity to show her mixed media work at the Maple Ridge Art Gallery as part of the 2nd Fraser Valley Regional Biennale. Her artistic practice has mainly consisted of mixed media work but over the past year Tessa has truly found her niche creating quirky illustrations many of which feature her main artistic muse, the cat.

Pattern, repetition, texture, and cats are key elements that can be seen within my illustrative work. As a collector at heart I have always accumulated multiples of things and enjoy repetitious imagery seen on fabric, wallpaper and everyday objects. The way in which I work speaks to this habit of collecting as I tend to obsessively draw multiples of similar imagery in a wallpaper like format. I am also a true cat enthusiast and draw inspiration daily, not only from my two tabby cats Dexter and Daisy, but also from my immense collection of ceramic floral felines. I strive to connect significant creatures and objects from my past and present in unusual ways to create quirky and bold imagery.


Calico Thin Fish


Cat Pattern




Pineapple Calico



Black tri-dot