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The making of Empty Houses, Empty Towns: a music documentary

When some tragic character finally punches through the sky of their testing world, their audience happily applauds them from Everest, at eye-level.

If you’re the type to climb with your Davids as they mount their Goliaths, you’ll be pleased to find a whole snowsled of underdogs to cheer for in my 22-minute debut music documentary Empty Houses, Empty Towns, which premiered May 13.

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“You can’t be a dumbass forever”: In-depth with Blessed’s Drew Riekman

After years spent paying their dues in talented bands stunted by half-hearted commitment and wasted potential, the four members of Abbotsford’s Blessed are ready to make good. Their new EP is four tightly wound tracks of sophisticated and raw post-punk that recalls the muscular intricacy of Television at their Marquee Moon peak. This is especially…

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