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Let’s Play: Takenoko

It doesn’t matter if it’s board, mobile, video, role-playing, or card — games are a way to bring people together, to learn and hone new skills, and to collaborate on elaborate world building. They are for first dates, family fun nights, team-building, or any other social gathering. Take a step into the new Boardwalk board…

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Local Harvest: Books

Two Gun and Sun by June Hutton

Two-Gun & Sun is part historical fiction, part love story, and 100 per cent feisty wild west. The kicker: this 1920s western isn’t set in the dusty deserts of the United States, but in the deep wilds of British Columbia. Welcome to Black Mountain: a filthy, racist mining town bent on extracting the province’s rich…

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In review: It’s Me, You — Doja

Doja is a collective consisting of long-time friends, Brad Desjardins on drums and vocals, Ricky Lawrie on guitar and vocals, and Steve Kalkman on bass. They’ve been actively playing music together since they were in their early adolescence and that becomes very clear in how tight they are across their new album’s 10 tracks.

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